Pain of Wisdom  is Tom Dente aka "Farmer Tom" on guitar and vocals, Tony Roman on bass, and Brian Terraciano on drums. Each of the trio bringing a different component of style to the band. Tom with a huge blues infused hard rock guitar sound, Tony with a more eclectic funky/jazzy style, and Brian with punk and thrash beats to take it all to the next tempo.

The band came together in the rural mountain village of Canadensis, PA where the early days of the project were spent farming, and the evenings spent making music. It became apparent that this band could be a perfect vehicle to drive our small scale agriculture agenda to an audience who are generally fed up with the corporate models that have taken over almost every industry, most alarmingly, agriculture.  Many who listen have been inspired to start growing their own food, and its small scale individual interactions like these that are the foundation of real progress!

Pain of Wisdom has released 2 EPs titled Volume 1 and Volume 2 and has some new material in the works. Be sure to sign up for the mailing list and check our social media for updates on these releases, as well as upcoming shows!